New York Times Bestsellers

New York Times Bestsellers

The Hunger Fix

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Do you feel hooked on certain foods and beverages? Science now shows that you may actually be addicted to certain “hyperpalatables” which are typically sugary/fatty/salty refined and processed food combinations. Whole foods are rarely to blame. Throughout the New York Times bestseller THE HUNGER FIX you’ll learn the eye-opening new science, including epigenetics, that will help you understand why, with repeated exposure to these processed food products, your brain’s reward center changes and drives more addictive eating. You’ll learn that early life trauma and abuse results in a brain much more vulnerable to self-soothing with hyperpalatables. And that refined sugar is equal to if not more addictive than drugs of abuse like cocaine. Using her trademark Mind, Mouth, Muscle blueprint, Dr. Peeke will help you customize a simple, powerful and sustainable plan to stop the addictive binges, shed excess fat, and finally reward you with lifelong recovery from addictive overeating. Thousands have benefited from her wit and wisdom. Now it’s your turn.

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As a 12-step member for compulsive overeating, it has been a refreshing journey to watch the science finally culminate in this extraordinarily useful and positive survey of a weight -- and life -- management plan. Dr. Peeke's focus on the brain-body should relieve millions of us that we are not as out of control as we are UNDER the control of something bigger than us: sugar, fats, salt. I love it that she allows room for mess-ups and that she doesn't push exercise for Stage One neophytes. I want to give this book to a lot of people not all of them struggling with food or weight. Anyone who has wrestled with an addiction or depression should read this source guide on re-engineering the brain.And my favorite take-away? The dopamine spike of binge food is at its highest in anticipation, not in eating. Kinda puts the kaibosh on that quick run to the corner to keep that in mind.

I thought I was going out of my mind. I've tried every diet and either drop some weight and gain it all back, or nothing happens. Whenever I'm around the sugar junk I cave. It's been hell walking around feeling full of shame and blame and guilt. When I read The Hunger Fix, Dr. Peeke made it clear. There's a real scientific basis for what happened to me. I felt such a relief, especially knowing I'm not the only one. Thank God for this book. I'm following Dr Peeke's Mind Mouth Muscle in detox right now and have already dropped 5 pounds in two weeks. I love the food plan and recipes. I see how to switch off the False Fixes for Healthy Fixes. Most importantly, I feel hope for the first time. My prefrontal cortex is focused. Heck, I didn't even know about that part of the brain until I read the book. I just wanted to share my news with all of you out there. Read the book and start your journey, too.

Body For Life For Women

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Stop obsessing the quantity of your body, and start paying attention to the quality of your wonderful, beautiful body. As an expert in women’s body composition, Dr. Peeke will show you how to build and maintain a strong and fit body, while gradually removing excess body fat. In the New York Times bestseller BODY FOR LIFE FOR WOMEN, the reader is gifted with a doable plan to achieve a mind and body transformation that will be maintained for life. This is a book customized to the unique mind-body hormonal changes that take place throughout a woman’s life. In addition to the 10 Power Mind Principles that will help inspire and guide women’s ability to achieve their goals, Dr. Peeke showcases no-gym needed physical activities to build a powerful mental and physical foundation for living and thriving throughout a woman’s life. It’s time for you to take yourself on and embrace your own transformation!

I'm a 45 year old woman who, like so many women out there, is constantly struggling to find some kind of balance in my life while I'm care giving the world. Since I turned 40, I've gained 30 pounds on top of the 20 I already had on board. I've tried everything. What else is new? I've just picked up Dr. Peeke's new book Body for Life for Women last week and it was like she was speaking to me. She totally gets it. Her Power Mind Principles nailed it with me. I found myself smiling as I read about how women are hard wired so differently than men when it comes to taking care of themselves. I see that I am a stress overeater and a ruminator. I can trust her since she is a doctor who is recognized as a leading authority on women's health. I'm tired of people witih no credentials telling me which way is up with my fitness and nutrition. I love her whole concept of Woman Food. I  have tried her shakes for my mid afternoon snack and they work like a charm to cut carb cravings and I am less prone to overeating in the evening. I just want to be as mentally and physically fit as I can be. That would be my gift to myself and my family. In my first week I have "removed" four pounds, feel energized, and happier with my life and have hope that I too can experience the transformation.

I love the way Dr. Peeke's book speaks to women! I am 25 years old and reading "Body For Life For Women" was like sitting down with Dr. Peeke one on one. Who else could have written this book but a TRIPLE THREAT like Pamela Peeke? She's got the experience and the credentials -- she's a physician, scientist and accomplished athlete! Dr. Peeke is the REAL DEAL. When I met Dr. Peeke I was thirteen years old and weighed nearly 300 pounds; other doctors, nutritionists and specialists had written me off as a lost cause, but not Dr. Peeke! She motivated and inspired me to follow her simple program. I listened to her wisdom and used her strategies and I have since removed (and maintained) a weight loss of 120 POUNDS for over 12 years! This program means so much to me. This simple lifestyle program has dramatically transformed my life emotionally and physically.

Fight Fat After Forty

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Straight from her laboratory at the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Peeke shares why Toxic Stress can add extra fat pounds deep inside your belly at any age, but especially after the age of 40. In her New York Times bestseller FIGHT FAT AFTER FORTY, Dr. Peeke defines Toxic Stress as any stress in life that is associated with helplessness, hopelessness and defeat. To neutralize the pain and anxiety of Toxic Stress, people, and in particular women, tend to overeat and engage in other self-soothing activities like excess alcohol consumption. If this kind of stress becomes chronic, weight gain can be substantial, leading to a dangerously increased waist circumference and a significantly increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Dr. Peeke guides the reader through a simple step-by-step process to remove excess belly fat. Practical, science-based, tools, tips and techniques are provided to ensure not only a decrease in belly fat and size, but a life of long term optimal health and wellbeing.

I thought I was going slowly crazy; insomnia, crying jags, feeling helpless, no energy, and crazy cravings. This isn't about fat/thin; it is about a woman's life, or I should say, LIFE, and making it all it can be in the "third phase". Get this book if you are wanting your life to be balanced, rich, healthy... This no-nonsense woman lays it out for us. I wish you could see my copy! I use 'flags' to mark something I want to go back to, or reference later, and last count I had 16 different colored flags sticking out of the book! (I've never had more than two or three in any other books.) I am ordering it for the women in my family right now.

I haven't even finished this book and I've lost 10 pounds. This is the first weight loss in 5 years for me and all I did was change the times I eat! Pamela Peeke is the first doctor to truly understand and work with how a woman's body changes during perimenopause and menopause and it really validates you as a person. You aren't nuts; you really are changing. I can't believe how motivated I am. This is a definite buy and a book that I will save and give to my own daughter.


National Bestsellers

Fit To Livefit_to_live_logo

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Are you really fit to live your life to the fullest? If you were challenged to save your own life by running from danger, or pushing and pulling obstacles to free yourself, could you do it? In her groundbreaking national bestseller FIT TO LIVE, Dr. Peeke asks if you’re truly mentally, nutritionally, physically, financially and environmentally fit to live. While Discovery Health TV’s chief medical correspondent for nutrition and fitness, Dr. Peeke created the award winning Discovery Health TV series Could You Survive?, based upon her book FIT TO LIVE. Dr. Peeke is the recipient of the national Audie Award for her FIT TO LIVE audible book narration which is filled with her trademark “Peeke-isms”. Listen, read and enjoy so that you too can proudly declare, “Yes I am fit to live!” Dr. Peeke also hosts her Fit to Live Peeke Week Retreats (see pic below) in beautiful national park locations where, through her classes and workshops, she shares her Fit to Live wit and wisdom. 

Idea_Fitness_Journal_April_2017   image001-1    image001-2
Dr. Peeke's April 2017              Dr. Peeke on set of her Discovery TV    One of Dr. Peeke's many
Cover Story on Survival,        show Could You Survive                           Fit To Live Peeke Week Retreats
based on her book
Fit to Live book

My family has always struggled with weight and stress. Often when I was a child, my mom would say, "I just ain't fit to live." Usually this was said when she was worn out or not feeling well, but it is an expression that had taken deep root as many times I also felt that I wasn't fit to live. That is what made me actually buy the book. When reading Dr. Peeke's book, a lightbulb went off. She called me on the carpet. It was as if she knew me. Toxic stress? You bet! Dissassociation? My favorite reaction to toxic stress. House organization? Chaos! Financial situation? Barely making it! Emotional and mental health? Not good after years of a messy marriage followed by a horrible divorce.

I have been trying to digest her book completely for a year. I am getting mentally stronger. Weight wise, just knowing her information without really even hitting the problem yet, I have lost 41 pounds. I now think before I eat, deal with stress without food, walk some each week, and have emotionally released some serious toxic stress. She tells you like it is with a knowledge that makes your spirit just know you have finally found the truth. If you are ready, this is the book with the answers.

I read Dr. Peeke's new book Fit to Live in one sitting. She gets it; this book is the ultimate instruction manual for a good healthy lifestyle. It's about transformation and progress, not perfection. I'm one of Dr. Peeke's fans, and a patient, and I am in the midst of my own "Fit to Live" revolution; and this book is almost as good as a personal session with Dr. Peeke in the flesh. She is really as funny, honest, encouraging, visionary, and dedicated to making people's lives happier and healthier in print as she is in person. This book IS her, and her common sense and compassion are in every page. Dr. Peeke says that when you're ready for change, real transforming change, you need to own the process. In my opinion, you also need to own this book.

The National Body Challenge

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Based upon her Discovery Health TV show The National Body Challenge, Dr. Peeke presents the stories of challenge and triumph from ordinary families taking themselves on to get more fit, healthy and empowered to live their dreams. You’ll be guided through the same full family-based program based on everyone in the family getting involved with cooking, physical activities and stress management. Most importantly, you’ll see how love and support throughout family challenges is the key to lifelong healthy and wellbeing for parents and children alike.